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Clare here, Director and Owner of GKs Graphics. Nice to meet you.

the story 

With a humble beginning as a part-time shop assistant at GK Motor Factors, I quickly took on the responsibility of the existing and very small graphics department within the shop. When the original graphics employee left the company, I saw an opportunity and decided to step up.

I took immense pride in developing the graphics department, expanding its customer base, boosting its social presence, acquiring new equipment, and enhancing my own expertise. Five years from starting that journey I became the proud owner of GKs Graphics, having nurtured and grown it into an independent venture. I considered it my baby way before my name was on top of the mantle. I'm delighted to have both now.

Now as it's own company, 2022 saw GKs Graphics move out of GK Motor Factors and into its own premises on the Witham industrial estate. Dedicated space, finally! There's a print room onsite, and an area for fitting vehicle graphics in a clean, dry and warm (ish!) environment. 

I am still predominantly a one-woman team. However I'm blessed with a network of help from my old GK Motor Factors family. Keith, the owner of GKMs, is my business partner and you'll often see him helping me out with vehicle fits and sign installs.

Don't let the small team put you off though: GKs Graphics offers a diverse range of services, from small print to commercial signwriting, shopfronts, site boards, banners, personalised clothing, and everything in between. Whether you need a name sticker for your cat bowl or to brand your entire vehicle fleet, GKs Graphics is here for you. 

define | design | develop | deliver

The new slogan arose from this small team mentality. I take on every stage of the job process which means it's tailored to you and dealt with personally, every time. Each job is undertaken as if it was my own; meaning you'll only get the best service, every time, too. The small team mentality will never change, this I promise, even when the business has more than it's current 2 employees.  

I've built up GKs Graphics with a genuine love for the business and the industry and I only have plans to continue to build. One day I hope to move from a one-woman-plus-Keith band, to a full team, and I'm excited for you to be on this journey with me. 

fun stuff. 

My other joy lies in all things automotive and this is reflected in GKs Graphics too. As a car enthusiast and owner of modified and track cars, I have a lot of satisfaction in working on automotive-related projects. I have already built relationships with companies on the Witham industrial estate, where I'm based, that have scratched the itch. From paint techs to classic car rebuilding and truck depots; it's all a joy. It was this passion that initially led me to GK Motor Factors. The rest, as they say, is history.

cars and coffee 2023

Cars & Coffee

You may see from time to time a cheeky Cars&Coffee morning. It started as an event to celebrate GKs Graphics' first year in business, but turns out, it's fun to do. So every year in April time, we'll throw another. Keep an eye on socials. 

Connect |

Feel free to connect. I genuinely appreciate the importance of good old-fashioned relationship building whether you're a corporate client or a fellow small business. My intention is to be there for you, not solely for business purposes, but simply because building a community and being a nice human truly matters, especially in today's world.

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