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We operate a first-come-first-served-basis. When a job comes in - no matter how big or small - it is added to our job list. 

Our staff complete each job in the order in which it comes in. We have found this to be the quickest and fairest way to get your jobs back to you.

Step 1:

Send an email ( and get yourself on the list!


Please provide as much detail as possible - including sending any logos or artwork. Not only does this secure your place on the list quicker, it will save you money. We will charge design time for any change in design direction if not mentioned at the outset. 

Example 1: You want a picture of a dog. Are you happy with any dog, any colour and any size? Of course not! Tell us exactly what you want. A Border Collie, sitting facing the camera, 200mm tall and proportionally wide. Even better still, send us the exact photo you want and we can let you know if it's suitable for print. 

Example 2: 

Text to read: "GKs Graphics" 

Font: Arial Black

Size: L150mm x H50mm (or as close to)

Colour: Matt black.

Artwork where required, is to be provided in .EPS or .PDF format in lossless 300dpi. We do understand this isn't always possible, so we'll work with the artwork you send us. All we ask is that you send us the highest resolution artwork that you have and we'll let you know if the graphics won't look great when enlarged. If this is the case we can offer design services to get your artwork to printable quality where we can. If artwork supplied is not of a high enough resolution or quality and you choose to go ahead, we are not responsible for how it may look once gone to print. But of course... it's entirely up to you. We're not out to make money on artwork and would only ever cover our time spent;  We just want your new sign-writing to look the best it can and we don't want to put our name to fuzzy, pixelated logos!

Don't forget to include your telephone number and other contact details on the email - so we can call if we need to query anything.

Step 2:

To keep it fair for all, jobs are added to a list and completed in the order in which they come in. We'll acknowledge your order and let you know a timescale so you know where you stand.  Depending on our current work load, this could be anything from a same day turnaround to 7-10 working days. 


Step 3 (if required):

When we get to your place on the list you'll be sent a proof and a price so you know exactly what you're getting. Screen proofs allow you to check that the layout is correct and the fonts, images and indicative colours are as required. It is your responsibility to check this proof, in particular reviewing the following points: 

• Colours. Colours will show and print as close to the proof as possible. Please be aware there may be very slight discrepancies between the colour shown on your monitor and the colour our printer outputs and for this we cannot be held responsible. If you are worried, you can request a print sample.  For cut vinyl, our colours are available to view in store on the rolls.

• Sizes. If you have specified sizes, these will be the sizes you receive. Make sure they are correct. Ensure the size in the proof looks in the correct proportions. 

• Details. Are the text details correct including spelling and grammar?

• Are arrows (if included) pointing in the right direction? 

Please note: Whilst we're happy to change a proof free of charge if something doesn't work for you. I.e green text instead of yellow text. Any client directed changes in design direction may incur additional charges after the brief has been agreed. Generally after 2-3 proofs we will ask you to consider the design you set out initially and make you aware of any additional charges.

Once you have approved the proof then we are not liable for any errors. Reprints, redesigns and re-cuts will be chargeable. If you have noticed an error in the proof, make us aware straight away for mistakes to be amended. There will be no extra charge for this. 

Step 4:

If you're happy with the details, we'll ask for a deposit or full payment. This can be done via Paypal or over the phone and our staff are happy to help you. With payment sorted, we'll get cracking and turn the job around in the time specified. Sit back, relax, we'll let you know when your job is done! 

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