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Magnetic Signs Care & Cleaning

1. ALWAYS Keep the Surfaces Between You Magnet and Vehicle Clean and Dry

When condensation or any moisture builds up between the magnet and your vehicle it can create a powerful bond.  When this occurs, the magnet becomes almost impossible to remove in one piece.   In addition, any dirt or particulates between the magnet and the vehicle become highly abrasive. Repositioning the magnet by pulling or sliding can scratch or damage paint.  We recommend cleaning at least once a week.


2. Make Sure the Magnet Lies Perfectly Flat on the Vehicle

Vehicle contours and trim can prevent a magnet from lying perfect flat against the surface of the vehicle.  When installing, make sure magnet is perfectly flush with the vehicle.  If they don't lie flat, wind can catch under the magnet flipping it off the vehicle creating a dangerous road hazard and liability.  


3. Use Care When Removing Magnetic Signs From Vehicle(s)

Lift a corner and peel magnet carefully from the vehicle surface.  Extreme temperature can change the qualities of the magnet making it either brittle or highly pliable.  Use care as these conditions make it easy to tear or break the magnet.  Handle the magnetic with care – allowing it to fold over onto itself can cause irreversible damage. Sliding or repositioning the magnet on an unclean surface may cause scratches or abrasion if there is dirt or particulates under the magnet.


4. Store Unused Magnets in a Clean, Flat Place

Avoid extreme temperatures.  If magnets need to be rolled for longer term storage, roll around a cardboard tube.  Before use, unroll and store flat at room temperature until magnets return to a flat shape.


5.  Remove Magnetic Signs Before Driving at High Speeds

Magnetic vehicle signs have been known to fly off vehicles traveling at high speeds.  If the magnet is not securely attached to the vehicle at all edges, wind can catch under the magnet, essentially turning it into a sail.  This creates a risk of serious liability and hazard on the road.  


6.  Remove Magnetic Signs Before Washing Your Vehicle


Remove the magnetic signs a minimum of a few times a week and wipe down both the magnetic side of the sign as well as the vehicle surface clean of any debris or moisture. If you drive a lot of miles, or are often in dusty conditions or on gravel roads, daily cleaning is recommend.

During hot and humid months, it is recommended that the signs be removed and cleaned every day. This keeps moisture from collecting between the magnetic sign and the surface of the vehicle which in turn will prevent any damage from occurring to the vehicles paint.

To clean your magnetic: Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild car shampoo (no solvents or wax) to gently wipe over the magnetic and rinse with water to remove all soap residue. Dry with a lint free cloth being mindful of the edges of the vinyl.  

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