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We can fit your graphics too! 
Haven't got the patience for it? We have. 

If you want your graphic to stay on your vehicle and last, there is definitely a best practice and lots of points to take on board


​Using the correct vinyl for the job, preparing the surface, properly applying the graphics, having the patience of a saint... just to name a few!


So... it's best to get your graphics fitted by someone who has been doing it for many years, is well-practiced in all avenues, and knows the tricks of the trade... Just like us!


We charge a flat rate of £50p/h for fitting. Most jobs we are able to advise the amount of time likely to be spent fitting.

We generally take payment for fitting after the job has been done so we can tot up the amount of hours. 

We would never charge more than what we use. For example, if we quote 3hrs but only take 2hrs - you will be charged 2hrs. No messing about here!  

Where do I go for fitting?

We now have our print room in-situ with our fitting bay so everything is carried out from our unit.


For more information on our location click here.

This means you can drop your vehicle to us, take a short 5min walk into Witham town for a coffee and wait for the call to say "all done!"

Sorry, we don't fit vinyl outside!

This is very important. Vinyl needs to be applied in the correct environment to prevent bubbling or failure. Whilst yes, we could fit outside for you, there are far too many factors working against the vinyl.  Too hot, too cold, windy, humid - all of these conditions severely impact the quality of the fitting job and therefore is likely to fail a lot sooner than the manufactures guarantee. We've learned the hard way and we can't offer this as a service - sorry. 

If you can't come to our fitting unit, we require indoor space that's:

- Heated to at least ambient room temp

- Brightly lit

- Sized to fit a vehicle with 2m access surrounding it

- Powered (or has access to plugs)

Fitting requirements:

A Clean Vehicle - 

Preparation is more important than the actual fitting. The surface you apply the vinyl to has a huge bearing on the quality of the results. It is vital the surface of the vehicle is clean before fitting. Your aim is to remove all dust, dirt, grime and most importantly oil and grease. 

Whilst we have our own procedures to de-grease and prep your vehicle for sign writing, we require a base level of cleanliness before we start. 

- Wash the vehicle thoroughly with a sponge and car shampoo. Avoid any shampoo that has waxes or conditioners added. 
- Rinse with clean water to ensure all the soap residue is removed.
- Dry the vehicle with a lint free cloth. Please do not drop your vehicle to us wet.

Note: Do NOT polish or wax the vehicle, as this can adversely affect the vinyl adhesive. Similarly, ceramic coatings need to be stripped back otherwise you risk the vinyl not sticking at all. We can fit over coatings etc, but we're unable to guarantee the vinyl's lifetime.  

Time -

Some graphics are applied wet; A good example of this is a sun-strip. They require time to fully dry and the glue to adhere before the vehicle is able to be driven. Depending on the temperature and humidity this can take up to several hours or up to a day. Driving the vehicle earlier risks the graphics flying off down the A12! If you're in a rush, we're happy for you to sign a waiver - but we take no responsibility to replace graphics if you have done so. 

Aftercare and Guarantees

We are fully confident in our fitting services and we are take great pride and care in our work. After all, driving with our sign-writing is a showcase of our skills!

All of our vinyls have a manufacturers guarantee and you can read more about the material's longevity here.


It is your responsibility to care for the vinyl after it has been fitted. Good quality, properly installed vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics should last for many years, however diligent care and maintenance is essential to getting the most life out of them.

​​We can not be held responsible for vinyl defections due to incorrect aftercare

- Please don't wash your vehicle for at least 1 week after your fitment date. 

- Hand washing strongly recommended with vehicle graphics and wraps. If you must use a jet wash, set the nozzle to as wide a spray pattern as possible. Keep the nozzle at least 3ft and at 90 degrees from the graphics. No vinyl adhesive can withstand the pressure of a jet wash being held close to edges.

- Hand car washes and automated car washes - a big no no. We've heard countless stories of customers asking hand car washes to "avoid the graphics" only to have them blasted off. 

- Avoid rough scrubbing or abrasive tools which will scratch the film. When removing stubborn dirt such as bug splatter, bird droppings and tree sap, soften first by soaking them for several minutes with hot and soapy water, then rinse thoroughly and dry. Do this as soon as you notice the contaminant as they may cause permanent damage to the graphic. 

- When drying, wipe from the vinyl to the paint to avoid lifting edges.

- Do not use any abrasive polishes or cutting compounds; they can change the level of gloss on some vinyls or discolour others

- Vinyl graphics (just like paint) are degraded by prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants, particularly on the horizontal surfaces such as the bonnet, boot lid and roof. Whilst the vinyl holds up well for many years, it cannot be avoided entirely unless you store your vehicle indoors or under cover.

- Magnetic vehicle signs have different care advice and you can read about this here

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