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How much will this sticker cost me?

It's impossible to give an exact figure off-the-cuff.

Every job and vehicle is different, and we price everything on a job by job basis.

Adding vinyl lettering to the side of a Mini Cooper is different to that on a Scania Truck.


Prices can be as low as £2 for a simple sticker, but the best thing to do is to contact us for an exact quote.

Above all else - We always look to make it as cost effective as possible for you and we can give options to suit most budgets.

Having print ready artwork will  significantly decrease your costs. See below for more info on artwork.

I'm trying to get in touch on the phone but no-one is answering?

Don’t forget Clare predominantly works on her own, so she may be out quoting for fitting, wrapped up in vinyl (literally) or for some other reason not in the unit.


Please either email or head over to our social pages and send a message and Clare will be able to get in touch.

How long will it take? 

Depending on our current work load, this could be anything from

a same day turnaround to 14 days.

When a job comes in, no matter how big or small, it is added to our job list. 

To keep it fair for all, jobs are completed in the order in which they come in.

We'll acknowledge your order and let you know a timescale so you know where you stand. 

We'll let you know our lead time before going ahead - if it doesn't work for you just let us know! 

What's "print ready" artwork?

Artwork where required, is to be provided in a vectored format. This can be a .EPS or .PDF or . AI.


When you have an image - a raster - these should be supplied at lossless 300dpi.


We do understand this isn't always possible. If artwork supplied is not of a high enough resolution or quality, we'll let you know.

We'll always try and work with the artwork you send us and improve it where we can can. Please note:  there is a charge for this. 


We're not out to make money on artwork and would only ever cover our time spent.

We just want your new sign or graphics to look the best it can and we simply don't want to put our name to blurry or pixelated logos!

If you choose to go ahead with artwork that isn't print-ready quality, we are not responsible for how it will look once gone to print. But of course... it's entirely up to you.

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